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    Papers on protein structure evolution

  1. Pascual-García A, Arenas M, Bastolla U.
    The molecular clock in the evolution of protein structures.
    Mol Biol Evol, submitted (2017).

  2. A. Pascual-Garcia; D. Abia; R. Méndez; G.S. Nido and U. Bastolla
    Quantifying the evolutionary divergence of protein structures: The role of function change and function conservation.
    Proteins. 2010 78:181-96 . [Pubmed]

  3. Pascual-Garcia, A.; Abia, D.; Ortiz, A.R. and Bastolla, U.
    Cross-over between discrete and continuous protein structure space: insights into automatic classification and networks of protein structures.
    PLoS Comput Biol, 5, e1000331. [Pubmed] [PDF]

  4. Lupyan, D.; Leo-Macias, A.; Ortiz, A.R.
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    Bioinformatics (2005) 21, 3255-63. [Pubmed] [PDF]

  5. Leo-Macias, A.; Lopez-Romero, P.; Lupyan, D.; Zerbino, D.; Ortiz, A.R.
    Core deformations in protein families: a physical perspective. Biophys Chem (2005) 115, 125-8. [Pubmed] [PDF]

  6. Leo-Macias, A.; Lopez-Romero, P.; Lupyan, D.; Zerbino, D. ; Ortiz, A.R.
    An analysis of core deformations in protein superfamilies.
    Biophys J (2005) 88, 1291-9. [Pubmed] [PDF]

  7. Ortiz, A.R.; Strauss, CE.; Olmea, O.
    MAMMOTH (matching molecular models obtained from theory): an automated method for model comparison.
    Protein Sci (2002) 11, 2606-21. [Pubmed] [PDF]

  8. S. Wallin, J. Farwer, U. Bastolla.
    Testing distance measures with continuous and discrete protein models.
    Proteins 50 144-157 (2002) [Article]

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