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Research overview

The Bioinformatics Unit of the CBMSO was founded in 2002 by Dr.Ángel Ramirez Ortiz. After the sad and premature loss of Dr.Ortiz in may 2008, the group is now directed by Dr. Ugo Bastolla. The line on drug design, directed by Dr. Antonio Morreale between 2008 and end of 2012, has now disappeared but the software that it developed is still available, although it is not anymore maintained. We also provide Bioinformatics facility to the CBMSO, especially through molecular modeling provided by the Bioinformatician David Abia.

Our group is active in the field of the computational structural biology of proteins. Our main research lines are the computational study of protein structures, stability and evolution, computational genomics, and theoretical ecology, in particular applied to bacterial communities.

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