Summary of key activities carried out by the Programme

Our group was working on the following projects:

4.1R/CPAP and 4.1R/NuMA1

The interaction between 4.1R-HP with a CPAP sub-domain was confirmed but the system could not be studied by NMR.

The interaction between the Ct-domain of 4.1R (last 64aa) and a minimal region of NuMA1 was studied by chemical shift mapping techniques. The implication of a different set of residues in the interaction as a function of the phosphorylation state of the NuMA1 peptide was found (manuscript submitted to BMC biology).


We confirmed the interaction between CAP350 and FOP but we were not able to obtain a suitable sample (low concentration of complex) for the study by NMR.


NA14 was cloned, expressed and studied by NMR. Only the terminal portions of NA14 were visible and were assigned and they are unstructured. The complete protein is all helical as seen by CD and forms large aggregates. At the moment, we are evaluating if NA14 is appropriated for studies by X-ray or EM. NA14’s partner, spastin, is degraded in all conditions we tested, precluding unfortunately the interaction studies.


We continued our collaboration with Dr. Zabala for the study of the TBCC N-terminal domain. The production of enough quantity of protein by Zabala’s group permitted the acquisition of the complete set of spectra necessary for its assignment. This is almost complete, and the calculation of the 3D structure, is going on. Preliminary structures have been obtained.

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