Summary of key activities carried out by the Programme

In collaboration with the groups of Bastolla, Coll and Montoya, we started a new sub-project focused on the structural determination of centrosomal globular domains. Starting from the initial set of 150 centrosomal proteins, Bastolla’s team predicted different classes of domains, classified as follows:

Number Name Definition
92 HighHomo >40% identity with PDB template
173 Glob Match with PDB or SMART, L>40, diso+coil<40%
9 DisoPDB Match with PDB, disorder > 50%
109 Order No match with PDB or SMART, L>60, diso<15%
613 Coil-coil > 20%
899 Diso All others (disordered and short)

Our experimental group in collaboration with Coll and Montoya will focus initially on a sub-set of globular domains, which were selected based on functional relevance. We already received the clones from the cloning facilities in order to start the sub-cloning and expression screening of ~ 20 domains.

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