Luis Serrano
Head of CRG-EMBL Systems Biology Unit
CRG Centre de Regulació Genomica
Dr Aiguader 88 08003
Tel: (34) 93 - 316 - 0247


He completed his PhD in 1985 followed by a short post-doc at Universidad Autónoma, Madrid, Spain working on cell biology. From there he moved to the group of Prof. Alan Fersht in Cambridge were he made a seminal contribution to the protein folding field. After 4 years in Cambridge he became group leader at the EMBL where he became the Director of the Unit in 2001.In December 2007 he moved to the CRG in Barcelona where he is be the head of the systems biology EMBL-CRG unit. In 2004 he received the Marie Curie Excellence award.He is also Research Professor at the CSIC.The group of Prof. L. Serrano is one of the few groups that combine computational and experimental approaches to solve biological problems. Prof. Serrano is scientific founder of four Biotech companies (Cellzome (Germany), EnVivoPharmaceuticals (USA) and Diverdrugs (Spain), Triiiskel pharmaceuticals (Ireland), as well as scientific advisor of other two: Cellectis (France), Entomed (France). His group is recognized as a world leader in the field of protein folding and design, with more than 200 papers published in high impact journals.

Scientific Interests

The main interests in this group are centered on the design of biological systems ranging from proteins to cells.For this, the group combines software development for protein and cell design with experimental validation of the models.While doing basic science the group is always looking for the possible translation of the results into technology in the form of patents, software licenses and creation of spin-off companies.

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